Company Profile

Through years of development and expansion, the Group has successfully developed a diversified portfolio, including residential properties, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and natural gas businesses. Such portfolio provides a stable cash inflow to the Group, facilitating its sustainable development and expansion in other high potential areas.

A few years ago, the Group started to dedicate to infrastructure businesses, with primitive focus on infrastructure projects relating to environmental protection, clean energy and urbanisation in PRC, including such as natural gas sales and distribution, natural gas pipeline construction, solid waste treatment and waste to energy, etc. The Group completed the disposal of its natural gas business in December 2017, which produced considerable return on investment for the Group.

With the deepening of reform and social development in PRC, the rapid development of urbanisation, growing public awareness of environmental issues, to promote the development of environmental protection industry and use of clean energy has become a trend, environmental protection and clean energy policy of the PRC government launched will benefit the Group and provide the Group’s related infrastructure businesses a broad and bright development future. As a response to the strategic development of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the Group is seeking for infrastructure projects benefiting from the policies of Chinese government.